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As always technology moves on, Central heating controls are changing from  single thermostat systems to multi-room systems.

Although this gives much better control over the system it can lead to very complex installations.

Why bother ?

Well think about this scenario:  

In a house with only one thermostat fitted in the hallway,if someone opens the front door and lets in enough cold air to trip the thermostat the boiler will fire and push heat around all the radiators until the hall reaches it’s set temperature.

However now the bedrooms upstairs have now turned into sauna’s.

However in a fully designed system only the room that requires heating actually receives it , this reduces the boiler run time and therefore the energy required.   

This type of system enables you to run rooms at different temperatures at different times of the day.

Below is an example of the wiring on an integrated system, this unit runs seven radiators each individually controlled by it’s own thermostat.

This is part of a whole house system and can be controlled by either the touch sensitive room thermostats, the customers PC/Mac or most smart phones.


What we can do :

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